This month thousands of my subscribers all over the world, myself included – are kicking off the summer early with a 4 Week Challenge from Rawvana’s  new e-book “Renewal” your 4 Week Transformation! This is your moment to cleanse and heal from the inside out – mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you want to lose weight or just give your body a chance to heal and regain its natural state of energy. Rawvana’s new “Renewal” e-book will teach you how to eat in a healthy, compassionate and friendly way with our planet. Rawvana is giving an exclusive 10% discount to my subscribers and social networks friends. Download Rawvana’s new e-book now!

The road to better health and vitality sometimes looks rough and rocky, especially when you can see the destination more clearly than the path to get there. But don’t you wish you could answer “great!” instead of “fine” when people ask how you’re doing?

Let me be your guide and companion along that path, and show you how to use nutrition, new good habits and basic physical activity to transform your life from the inside out!

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The Rawvana Renewal Program is a four-week healing journey to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation through abundant, natural and healthful meals made entirely from plants.

Over the next four weeks, I’ll give you information and tools to empower you to develop new, good habits for not only eating, but also overall well-being.

You’ll have all the tools and resources to renew you from within and to grow in your journey to self-love.

Includes is a special FREE bonus: a guide to my go-to-three-day juice detox that I use any time I need to reset my system.